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I am an artist hailing from the Santa Cruz Mountains of Central CA.

My graphic design work centers around the creation of beautiful and functional websites, as well as print media creations including identity (logo, business card, banner, letterhead), advertising (newspaper, flyer/poster, brochure), catalog & programs, CD & DVD covers, and party invitations.

The content management capacity of WordPress is my current love when it comes to website design. A WordPress custom theme is a great choice for clients who want control over updating their content, whether they are wanting to use it as a blogging tool or to manage a static site.

My design aesthetic is inspired by the principles of Sacred Geometry, patterns found in nature, and a strong connection to color and movement. On the right-brain side, I am passionate about tuning into the spirit of a project by taking in a client’s ideas, goals, and preferences. On the left-brain side, I can help a client clarify and focus in on the most effective strageties for meeting their goals, and turn out a product that is well thought-out as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Upon commission, I make rather exquisite raw “edible art” cakes for special occasions, using high-quality, organic, live, luscious, essence-filled whole food and superfood ingredients.


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Yoga With Alice

"I was astounded at [Gretchen’s] ability to listen, communicate, produce, research, create, and pay attention to detail. Anyone would really be lucky to have her on the team!"


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“I just wanted to take a moment to honor you for your work; both as a designer and artist, as well as a patient person rising to the occassion for us last minute so many times. Thank you.”


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Pusaka Sunda


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Lotus Lazuli


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Mail Art


Shiva Shakti Mandala Cake

Mangala & Jay's Wedding Cake

For this cake, the bride-to-be described that they would exchange vows standing on a Shiva Shakti mandala made of flowers, and she would like the mandala to be the decoration for a special "couple's cake" as well. Excited by the challenge when I recieved the image of the mandala and knowing that mandalas are 2-dimensional diagrams of multi-dimensional energy forms, I got the vision for reproducing the mandala exactly (matching the number of petals) in 3 dimensions, topped with a merkaba made of glass.

The flowers used in this cake are rose geranium, red sage, sunflower, daisy and rose; marking the directions are leaves of white sage. The fragrance of the whole thing was intoxicating.

Flower of Life Cake

Susie K's "Flower of Life" Birthday Cake

Susie K's Taurus party theme was Ferdinand Froliking in the Flower Patch. In that spirit, I chose the Flower of Life in daisy petals, as a perfect adornment for the cake. The daisies, roses, clover and lemon balm were gathered from my yard.

The cake flavors, infused with floral essential oils, are:


Alice's Birthday Cake

Alice's Birthday Cake

In response to Alice's request for the classic decadent flavor combo of raspberry & chocolate, I created this layer cake, with raspberry-cacao layers on top and bottom, vanilla-cacao in the middle and pistachio in between the chocolates. Fresh raspberries, pomegranate seeds and lemon verbena leaves adorn, making the sacred shape of Vesica Pisces on the top.

Once I had created the intersecting circles, it reminded me of the shape of a pomegranate, perfect symbol for a birthday in Scorpio, as it was 3 seeds of pomegranate eaten while in the underworld that sealed Persephone's marriage to the Lord of the Dead, whose planet Pluto rules the sign of Scorpio.


Naraya & Elio's Baby Cake

Naraya & Elio's Baby Cake

This cake was created for a baby blessingway. When apricots and blueberries are in season, you don't argue with that combination, you just eat as many as you can! I love building my recipes on the most delectible things in season to capture the moment of a celebration. In this case it was the very beginning of stone fruit season, and the honeysuckle had just begun to bloom. The flavors in this cake are: blueberry mousse on the bottom and lavender-infused blueberry mousse on the top layer, apricot-almond cake and a beguiling orange blossom honey—white cacao mousse, decorated with pluots, honeysuckle blossoms and the tiniest baby apricots.



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